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Charity Partners.

We love the world we ride in.

Marsican Bears.

The Mariscan Brown Bear is on the brink of extinction. Only around 50 of these amazing animals exist today. Salviamo L’Orso is committed to rebuilding the population of these animals and we are here to help them.

The Marsican Brown Bear remains a “Critically Endangered” species – the most at-risk level IUCN classification. We want to help protect them and turn back the trend towards extinction.

We are using proceeds from the LINEAGE Collection to fund a campaign to eliminate the threat of roadkill from the bears’ habitat. One thing we and the bears have in common – a desire to see the roads made safer.We covered our work with Salviamo L’Orso in detail in Issue #02.

We love the world we ride in.

Bearded Vultures.

Vultures are nature’s clean-up specialists. Where an animal has died from an infectious disease, the vultures swoop in, pick the meat from the bones (often also eating the bones) and let their highly corrosive stomach acids do the rest.

They are “keystone species”, playing a critical role in the eco-systems in which they live. By protecting vultures in Europe’s mountains, you indirectly protect all of the mountain wildlife.

We are delighted to support the Vulture Conservation Foundation this year. VCF is an international NGO committed to the conservation of these vulture populations. Our jersey is inspired by the colours of the Bearded Vulture, Europe’s rarest vulture species and a truly magnificent animal.

We looked in more detail at the work of the Vulture Conservation Foundation in Issue #03.